He went.

Sumitro was carrying a glass of water.

We share the housework.

He has a walk every morning.


How old were you then?


Life is a web, with every strand connected to every other strand.


Jay was my boss.

Is anybody waiting on you?

Clayton jumped out of a moving car.

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Maybe he likes you, too.

Not everyone likes that book.

I can tell that you want to go home.


You can't kill us both.

Both my sister and brother go to college.

I bet that I can finish this task in an hour's time.

Neil asked to see me.

They took food and clothing.

Syun's parents were also singers.

To tell the truth, you're all cowards.


If he went near the farmyard belonging to the count, he was pushed and knocked about, for the men and the maids said he was so horrible ugly; but he was used to all this, for nobody loved him.


Can I help with anything?


Can I get you something to eat?

I completely forgot that there was class today!

Let me explain our situation.

He couldn't resist that.

Frederick must be homesick.

Science has many branches.

Big deal!

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These pens are better than those.

The politician's speech was offensive.

He's industrious and hard working.


The morning is just a few hours away.

Man is but a reed, the weakest in nature, but he is a thinking reed.

Danielle promised to return before 2:30.

Korean food is generally very spicy.

She has more books.

That child thought much of his parents.

He retires next spring.

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Agatha is stingy.


It was a beautiful presentation.

Valerie is braver than I am.

Her heart burst with gladness to see her husband return home from his overseas tour of Iran.


What a nice car you have! You must have paid a lot for it.

You need to try to understand how Duncan feels.

He was foolish enough to believe it.

He is not strong as before.

There are a lot of people in the waiting room.

Shankar and Juha both looked worried.

I was trying to help him.

The people resisted their cruel ruler.

That was very easy!

She remained single all her life.

Clark doesn't need to use a cane.

I'm feeling sick.

Get up early tomorrow morning!

I can rest.

Pirates made unarmed merchant ships prey.


Before going to bed, I took three pills to stop a cold.

Did Wolfgang get up early this morning?

I looked for a job.

"Oh, why doesn't she hear me," Echo thought to himself.

This medicine will clear up your cold.

That doesn't seem fair.

Bryce saw some toys on Marlena's front porch.

You're not my friend.

Cathrin was absent-minded.

Kyoko had the kindness to carry my baggage for me.

Correct the mistakes if found.

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Who rescheduled?


Leslie is still relaxing.


You sound mad.

Lois gave me a second chance.

They were very tired, hungry, and thirsty that night.

Dirk couldn't stay silent any longer.

Ramanan knows more about the world of his favorite video game than about the real world.

Everyone is very welcome, independent of their nationality.

By the time we got there, he had left.

The world without anime would be like a washing machine without Internet-access.

Byron came to see us a few days ago.

What made her mad?

Kolkka has been talking about you all day.

Catherine found that very hard to accept.

The answer was easy.

We're leaving this afternoon.

We must come up with a plan.

I'm tired of being retired.

Kristin says this is the best he can do.

It's very kind of you to put it that way.

Don't worry so much, Kimberly.

The sky was gray.

Would you be careful with that?


I can feel the heat from here.


A true friend just tells it like it is.


This is one of our top priorities.

Would you like any dessert?

I'm not convinced at all.

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I have a wonderful plan.

I look after a cat and a dog.

We'd like to speak with her.

We are excited at the news.

I really love French things.

Most of the patients in our hospital have no family nearby. They are often left to fend for themselves.

Lindsay is under considerable stress.

I suggest you put that weapon down.

You have to make the crease very straight.

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We've only been together three months.

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You look doubtful.


Why did you want me to leave?

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During the summer of 2003, NASA launched twin robotic rovers named Spirit and Opportunity.


There's no need to hail a taxi.

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All the eggs went bad.


The patient is now safe.

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He lives on the floor above mine.

I think it'll turn out fine.

The days turned into weeks, and then into months, and then into years.

Tad is irritated by Gigi's constant yelling.

Jennie smiled when he saw Betsy.

Did you know that Julia lived 10 years in Moscow? That's why she speaks Russian so well.

His help has been invaluable.

He wrote the score of the opera.

I don't think Becky can swim.

You didn't answer the way I wanted you to.

The bus transports passengers from the hotel to the airport.

The secretary took dictation from her boss.

Where can I place these beers?


The following is what he told me.

Nanda is your buddy.

One day Mike and Jane went downtown to do some shopping.

Tovah will go to Boston next summer.

I can't tell you what's going to happen.

Jason is calm and patient.

Who's calling at this hour?

There's something wrong with my car.

That guy is completely nuts!


Brent said he didn't want to travel with Piete.

He didn't protest.

We anticipate it with much pleasure.

Price cut the pear in half.

Lack of flexibility is an obstacle to one's progress.


Everything's still going well?

She's a professional photographer.

You may not understand me, but I must be saying something important, right?


Yangzi avoided the question I asked him.

Pleasure doing business with you.

I'm not being defensive.

Sing us a song.

He is good at biology.

I don't want to go to the dentist.

It's okay if you go in there and take a seat.


None of these books are useful.

I'm going to hang out with him.

I didn't tell Sundar about it because I didn't want to ruin his day.


If you eat well, you're likely to live longer.


Sumitro predicted that our team would win.

Nanda doesn't want to live in the city.

Which father loves his son?

Who do you think should do that?

Is that good or bad for us?

I'm sorry, but I don't speak French.

The door won't budge.


She doubled over, clutching her side.


Don't fear the future!